"Hal painting at 17"


Harold Paul Kloongian


Harold Kloongian is a highly regarded American painter. He was born in Massachusetts and

remains a life long resident. Drawing and painting at an early age, he quickly developed an

affinity for watercolor and oils which invariably set his course in life. His deep passion for Vermont

landscapes and Gloucester/Rockport marine genre are beautifully depicted in the plein air tradition.

Many of his works can be found in numerous public and private collections.




He received his art education at the Art Institute of Boston (formerly

School of Practical Art) on scholarship, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and

Boston University. He also studied with notable artists Emile Gruppe, Carl Nelson, John Pike,

Frank Rines, and Edgar Whitney.



"Avco years"




Throughout his career, Harold was an illustrator, art director, and a publications production

manager. For a major portion of his career, he served as Director of Publications for

Avco Everett Research Laboratory (now Textron Systems), before retirement.


He served three terms as President of the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester

Massachusetts (1986-1992) and one term as Vice President. Harold has been a key member

of both the Cape Ann and Vermont art communities since the early 1960’s, continually painting

and providing support to the arts.



"Painting in VT"


Memberships and Awards


North Shore Arts Association
Paul Strisik Memorial Award
Aldro Hibbard Memorial Award
Grumbacher Gold Medal Award
Guild of Boston Artists Award
Ruth L. Anderson Memorial Award
James G. Saunders Memorial Award


Hudson Valley Art Association
Varvara Pellington Memorial Award
Edmund F. Ward Memorial Award
Herbert and Rosetta Bohnhert Memorial Award
Thora M. Jensen Memorial Award
Frank C. Wright Memorial Award


Academic Artists Association
Samuel Armour Memorial Award
Harriet Lumis Memorial Award
Honorable Mention


Rockport Art Association
Amee B. Davis Memorial Award
Peg Leg Inn Award
Building Center Award